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Keep Going

Keep Going is an interdisciplinary art project comprised of an interactive, word-based website and a citywide, indoor/outdoor sculpture installation.

This past year, Dallas and the nation have faced many struggles. Locally, the shooting of five police officers, mass evictions of low-income tenants, gentrification, the shutdown of art venues, an arts funding crisis, and a city pension crisis. We are also affected by the larger national issues of cultural inequality, immigration, police brutality, the shrinking middle class and divisive presidential policies, to name a few.

This project was created as a response to it all. We need reminders to keep going.

The project consists of a citywide indoor/outdoor sculpture installation throughout Dallas. Keep your eye out for small, transparent figures running across rooftops, in windows and on the elevated ledges of buildings. In tough times, it is easy to feel invisible in the context of larger struggles. These acrylic sculptures are recognition of the “invisible” people that work hard everyday in our city. They are reminders to keep going.

The project also seeks to engage the community through a mobile-optimized website. Visit to add a word, or words, to describe what keeps you going. The resulting scroll of one-word answers will be online for anyone to visit, anytime, should they need a reminder to keep going.

This project combines sculpture, public art and interactive media. Its purpose is to create an uplifting and unifying experience for the citizens of Dallas.

The project is supported in part by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, the Texas Commission on the Arts, Jen Mauldin Gallery, Ro2 Art, Ash Studios, Sunset Art Studios.

Additional assistance was provided by Downtown Dallas, Inc. and the Dallas Arts District.


For ongoing updates and more information, visit The Keep Going Project's Facebook Page.