The Keep Going Project

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Project Needs

I am currently seeking locations that would be interested in displaying a sculpture on their roof, on a high ledge or awning, or inside a high window. I am interested in placing sculptures at a variety of locations and types of businesses (not just art-related businesses) so that the project can be enjoyed and participated in by anyone regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic class, access to transportation, etc. I am ideally looking for businesses/locations that are in high traffic areas and are visited by diverse populations.

The sculptures are 16" tall, 3/8" thick, laser-cut acrylic with a 2.5" panel extending below the foot for mounting. They can be installed with 2 - 4 screws and/or a mounting base can be constructed per location needs. The artwork will be installed by the artist using her own tools and materials. The artist has Commercial Liability Insurance for the project.

Additionally, a small area for a sign and/or a stack of 4x6 postcards is requested. These materials will have a project description, web address, and when possible, a list of sponsors and participating locations.

In addition to distributing postcards, a Facebook page has been created to promote the project: The Keep Going Project. Participating locations will be offered post(s) on the Facebook page to promote their businesses as well as to thank them for participating. Participating businesses/locations will also be listed on the project page of the artist’s website, and your logo will be displayed with a click through link of your choice (see the Office of Cultural Affairs logo for an example).

Please contact Sara Lovas at saralovas (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested in hosting a sculpture. The length of the installation is flexible, but all sculptures must be installed and displayed before September 10, 2017.